I can’t stress the importance of reaching out in heartfelt ways to connect with the people in your life!  Whether you’re trying to grow your personal relationships by putting a smile on someone’s face next time they go to the mailbox, or you’re looking to stand out with your business relationships, sending a heartfelt card will go miles to help you connect.

One of the coolest things about using the SendOutCards system to send out heartfelt cards is that you have the ability to brand the back of the card.  And that branding is unlimited! If you were to order a stack of branded notecards, you’re stuck with that message until you’ve made your way through the stack.  But with SendOutCards, you have the ability to create whatever brand message you’d like on the back – one card at a time.

You can set up a default branded back to the card that will go out on each card unless you change it.  I have my default branding set up with my real estate business card and a quote about gratitude.

But you can create an unlimited number of alternative templates for the back of your cards that you can choose depending on who you’re sending to and for what purpose.  Here’s a few examples of customized card backs that I use:

This is the back of the card I typically use if I’m sending a card to someone I’ve been talking to about SendOutCards!  In addition to selling real estate, I’m also a Real Estate Success Coach.  In my coaching business, I’m always promoting SendOutCards as one of the top tools any real estate agent will want to add to their toolbox. Mainly because sending out heartfelt cards is one of THE top ways I’ve grown my business by referral. So I know it works!


This template is the one I use when sending out cards on behalf of my Real Estate Team.  As the Founder of Team Three 23 in Flagstaff, AZ, I’m often sending cards that aren’t just about my personal book of business.  That’s when the team template comes in handy.  The verbiage on the back of this card is what I use in order to stay compliant with our Arizona state real estate laws.


 Sometimes you just want to celebrate family!  That’s when I use this custom card back on my heartfelt cards.  I love this picture because it’s a candid shot of my family.  The older my daughters get, the more rare these moments are!  Especially now that they’ve both moved out. Although I did just celebrate a birthday and we were got a cute picture together while we were all dressed up at our dinner celebration.  So maybe it’s time to update this one!


  This is the default one I use.  It’s got my logo, branding, and personal contact information.  And I’ve included a quote that sums up my approach on life and business.  If I forget to change the back of the card for any reason, this one makes sense to have as the back of the card.


You’ll notice that most of the customized backs I use have lines in the upper left corner that say “return address” and “recipient address.”  These auto-populate when the card prints.  My default return address is my office address, but I can change it to my home address.  And obviously to send a card you have to put in your recipient’s mailing address!  When the card prints, it will automatically print with whatever addresses are chosen.

Personally, I like using that option.  We often throw away the envelopes right away.  And sometimes, we wish we hadn’t!  Maybe we don’t have the sender’s updated mailing address.  This way, they always have a way to send a card back to me if they’d like.

But you don’t have to use that option.  You can see on the family card I don’t include it.  It’s a personal choice whether to fill the entire card with a photo of your choosing or to use the address options.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my SendOutCards customers is, “How do I create the back of the card like yours?”

That’s why I made this video.  I thought I would share it with you here!  Once you watch it, I recommend at least setting up your first customized card back and saving it as your default.  You can always add more custom card backs later.  But this way you’ll have your own personalized branding on the back of every card you send!