Perfection is my enemy.  I know you’d NEVER guess that if you watch this video, but it’s true.  When it comes to trying to get things PERFECT before putting them out there, I’m the worst.  No – correction – I used to be the worst.

But I’ve jumped off that bandwagon.  (“Clearly!” You’re thinking if you’ve already watched this video!)

This video was painful for me to release, I can’t lie.  But ya know, while the production quality of this video is horrible, I can’t go back and “reshoot” the first phone calls made as part of the Card Everyone Project.  So I went with it.

The good news is – it can only get better from here, folks.

And the journey is now officially kicked off.  Just by making these first couple of calls I’ve already realized that I need to tweak the information I have on my call tracking sheet.  And that there are things I can learn even if all I get is a voicemail.  And that I need to do these calls earlier in the day.  And I need to get a better camera.  And set up my lighting better.  And on and on and on.

Hey – it’s a process!  I’m glad you are along for the journey.  And kudos to those of you who suffered through watching the video 😉