As I post the second phone call video, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. This project isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Pick up the phone, make some phone calls.  How hard can that be?  As it turns out, it’s nowhere near that easy!  Of course, part of that is because I’m doing it on a vlog.  So it takes time to set up the lights and cameras and make sure everything is charged up. (My camera died before my conversation with Amy was over. But it got most of it, so all good.  But still.)
  2. There are going to be uncomfortable situations I hadn’t really thought about.  This week I drew a card that made me realize that there is more to it than “Are they still at the same job or not?” So now I need to think of what I’ll say if certain uncomfortable situations come up. Yikes.
  3. Overall, I’m having a blast! Reconnecting with Amy was awesome.  And to learn that she’s living her dream…even better.

Highlighted Call of the Day:

Who: Amy Rose Aho
What she used to do: Event planning
What she’s doing now: Professional Artist! Owner of Castles in the Sky Studios.
Her 12 Month Goal: To have a booth featuring her crazy hats in next year’s Pride!  I put a photo of her in one of her hats in the video.  I think I need to order one – they’re too FUN!
How Amy and I originally met:  We met through a networking group called Networking for Change.  I was the Co-President of that group along with D. Patrick Lewis for many years.  We met every week to grow our professional relationships with one another and to pass referrals to our members.  In addition, we did a quarterly event where we raised money for a local charity.  We did a lot of good, grew our businesses substantially, and connected with some truly great people!  I’m so happy that Amy and I met through that group.  Amy is lots of fun and a free spirit – if you have a chance to connect with her, please do!
How to connect with Amy:  Connect with her Facebook page for Castles in the Sky Studios.