Let’s talk about creating the BEST personalized holiday cards out there.  And unlike most personalized holiday cards, the ones I’m talking about give you the ability to create as MANY different ones as you want, and all online. Usually, when I look up personalized holiday cards I find either a way to create one personalized card then you order in bulk.  OR I find lots of crafting ideas.  But those you create one at a time.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So using SendOutCards, we’re going to get those cards DONE.  Easy.

With whatever message you choose.  And if you’re like me, you’ll want to do different messages for different groups.

Personally, I do one personalized holiday card for family and friends, one for clients, and one for referral partners and vendors that I work with.

All of this brings me to Step 2 in the “Holiday Cards Made as Easy as 1-2-3” series.  (If you missed Step 1, then you may want to check out this video first.)

The Holiday Cards Made as Easy as 1-2-3 series is all about getting your cards created, personalized, addressed, and SENT in 1 hour.  On the 4th and final video for the series, you’ll join me for a workshop that will accomplish all of that.

But to get there, there are 3 easy things you need to do to prepare.

Step 1 was to get your contacts in order.  You can’t send the cards if you don’t know WHO you’re sending them to, right?  Read the previous blog post here to get all the tips and tricks on that.

Step 2 is to get your message and your photos ready for the cards.

For Step 2, watch the video in this post or click here to watch Step 2 directly on Youtube.

A few tips on getting the message and photos ready for the Holiday Card Workshop:

  • Find a few great photos you will want to use.  You’ll want to pick one great photo for the front of the card.  Then you can place as many as you want on the inside of the card.
  • You can choose different photos for different groups – a professional photo for clients, a fun family photo for family and friends, etc.
  • Write and save your message on your computer notepad. Or you can email it to yourself.  And again, you can create different messages for different groups.
  • If you’re like me, you use many different computers throughout the week.  So upload the photos you want to use to the cloud.
  • Create a folder called Personalized Holiday Cards 2018 in Dropbox, Google Docs, or wherever you save things to the cloud.  Be sure you can access the folder easily from any computer.
  • Upload your chosen photos and messages to the folder.

Step 2 is the fun part! So make sure you watch the short 3 minute video, then get creative!

Now you’re ready to move on to Step 3 – which will be in the next post!

And then, don’t forget to join me for Step 4.  This is the Holiday Card Workshop Webinar.  It’s where I’ll take you step by step, and at the end of our 60 minutes together you will be DONE with all your holiday cards. Then you just get to roll through the holiday season with that stress off your plate.

As always, reach out to me with questions.  I’m also available to help you one-on-one .

To set up a time to connect, simply contact me here.

Create personalized holiday cards using your own photos and message. You can switch it up for different groups, too! Super easy system…send a card for free on me here: http://freecard.cardeveryone.com #SendOutCards #HolidayCards #MakeLifeEasy

PS – We are using SendOutCards to send your holiday cards!  If you don’t already have a SendOutCards account, here’s the link you can use to send a card right now – my treat 🙂 This way your account will be created and you’ll be ready for the Holiday Card Workshop!