What project or life goal do you keep wishing for but never start? What would happen in just one year’s time if you started TODAY? Stop wishing, start doing. Leave a comment on what you are starting NOW to challenge yourself to greatness!

For me, it was the Card Everyone Project. And even though I had to take some time away shortly after starting, it was always there on my mind. And because I STARTED, I’ve been holding myself accountable to return. The Card Everyone Project launched in June 2017 – and so let’s see where we are in June 2018!

The great thing about the hiatus I needed to take is that it gave me time to evaluate what’s happened so far.  I realized there were some changes needed.

For example, when I was making the calls “Out of the box,” I realized that it was difficult to try and wear too many business hats.  I am a successful REALTOR in Flagstaff.  I lead a successful real estate team that covers both Flagstaff and Scottsdale, AZ.  I ALSO have a successful relationship marketing business.  And while I find it easy to manage these roles on a daily basis, it is a confusing message within the context of this project.

So moving forward, I’ll only be wearing the Relationship Marketing Expert hat for Card Everyone.  There will be certain cards that I’ll pull out of the box where it will make perfect sense to talk about my real estate career – so we’ll see how that gets handled as it comes up.

But I want to stay focused on using this project to grow my Relationship Marketing Business and promote the tools I use to help others in their quest to success.

And I’ve also reflected on the fact that IT’S OKAY to do it this way!  I had to shift my mindset to think about the fact that I have a TON of marketing that focuses only on my real estate business – so why not have an avenue that only focuses on the marketing business?

So there it is – it took 6 months of trial and error to come to that conclusion.

Now – I do have some video content that I’ve built up over the past several months that just needs to be edited and posted.  I’m not going to throw all that out just because there’s some “real estate stuff” in there!  But the shift is happening with all content moving forward.

So what will YOU start today that will make your life look different in just one year’s time?  Tell me in the comments below.  Keep me posted!  Give us a link where we can track YOUR project/business/goal.

Can’t wait!  Here’s to challenging yourself to greatness!

Until Next Time,

Jacki Semerau Tait

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