Picture this: you walk to the mailbox, and there’s a mysterious box waiting inside with your name on the front.  Or you come home after a long day and spy a package propped up against your front door.  You walk up and see that it’s addressed to you.

What happens next?

There’s a feeling of excitement and curiosity.  You grab the package and rush inside to open it immediately.

And yes, this is usually how the process plays out, even if you ordered it yourself!  Even if you already know what’s inside, there’s still something about getting that package that makes you feel a little like a kid at Christmas.  Or is that just me?

It’s even more powerful when the package is a surprise.  An unexpected gift from someone who thought of you and decided to act on that thought.

This could be one of the most powerful ways to reach into someone’s life that exists right now.

We’re in a tech-heavy world.  Phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook messages – these are coming at us with rapid fire speed.  So to get something that’s not a bill or advertisement in the mail gives us pause in a way no other form of communication can right now.

Obviously, just getting a greeting card is a step up from the norm. And when that card has a personal message or even photos of you – now THAT’S powerful!

But go that extra step and throw in a little gift and it’s pure magic.

I’ve sent out a favorite book that I know will touch someone’s life or help them grow their business.  I’ve sent out all sorts of gifts, small and large.  And without fail, I receive amazing feedback.

There’s power in a package.

My favorite way to reach into someone’s life is to combine a personalized greeting card and a gift.  There’s no greater way to really let someone know that you’re thinking about them, you appreciate them, you care, and that you’re there for them.

Recent gifts with cards I’ve sent out and the response I received back

Thanks for the Referral card plus a Celebrate You package.  There’s a person who has been recommending me to lots of people in her network.  So to thank her I sent her a card that specifically mentioned the referrals she has sent, and I included a “Celebrate You” gift.  It has a large sugar cookie, gum balls, and caramel that let her know that my day was brighter because of her.  She took a photo and posted it to Facebook – thanking me for thanking her!

I appreciate you card plus a Celebrate You package.  This Celebrate You package is one of my faves.  It’s simple yet says exactly what I want it to say to someone who I appreciate.  I sent this out to our receptionist along with a card thanking her for going the extra mile for me.  She also posted a picture of the gift and card to Facebook, and had the card on her desk for sometime.  She made my day, and I just wanted to return the favor!

Thank you for your Business card and the best brownies ever!  OK, no matter what else is going on in the world, there’s something about getting amazing brownies sent to you that will put a smile on your face.  Now granted, I’m allergic to wheat so my brownie-indulging days are over.  But prior to developing this allergy, I was able to eat these brownies and I can attest that they’re the best you’ve ever tried.  So whenever I want an inexpensive, but impactful gift to send, these brownies are the way to go.

Fourth of July card with an inspirational audio book.  (Just so you don’t think I ONLY send food gifts)  I lead an amazing team of people.  They  are hard working and truly lovely!  So to celebrate them on Independence Day, I sent them a card wishing them a Happy 4th of July, and reminding them that the reason we do what we do is for the freedom – financial, time, etc.  Then to help them stay on track and get inspired to “stay free,” I included an audio book that they could listen to in their car.

The list goes on and on.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  But if you need to stand out from the crowd and TRULY make the day of a client, team member, employee, prospect, family member or friend – remember the Power of the Package.

Want to send packages like these?  Give it a whirl here.  If you run into any problems, I’m available to help – it’s what I do!  My mission is to help YOU establish and grow your relationships.  Send me a message and I’ll connect with you as soon as possible.

Until next time,

Jacki Semerau Tait

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